Public Relations Committee

Chair: Monty Hyten


The Public Relations Committee promotes the goals of the Society by using any approved medium and disseminates material to enlist qualified persons into the field of histotechnology. This committee plans activities for the first-time attendees at the Symposium/Convention,has a display table for S/C purchases and holds the annual T-shirt contest. The Historian is a part of this committee and is responsible for keeping historical records of the activities of the Society.

Histotechnology Professionals Day
The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) sponsors an annual celebration of Histotechnology Professionals through Histotechnology Professionals Day (HPD) in March each year.  Most would agree that the field is not well known among lay people.  The society has been working to educate young people about histotechnology as a career option with the annual Career Day program and HPD is another opportunity to increase public awareness and also bring awareness to practitioners of other disciplines in healthcare.  Click here for details.

Outreach: Career Initiatives
NSH has worked to begin addressing vacancies in the profession from the ground level. In 2006, NSH launched its first career day in Phoenix, AZ in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. Over 100 high school students were able to visit a hands-on laboratory. It is through this experience, that youths, grades 9-12 are shown how to prepare and stain tissue to identify bacteria, fungus, cancer, tissue structure abnormalities, enzymes, antigens or DNA for diagnosis by pathologists.

In 2009, NSH formed a group of scientists and educators to create a teachers module whereby a workshop is created that a biology teacher can take back at the high school level and expose their students to the world of histology.

Outreach: Resources

IThe following page contains helpful resources for you when presenting your own career day or talk. There are some fun exercises as well as a video and powerpoint to assist you in presenting histoogy.


Outreach: Partnerships

Health Professions Network - The Health Professions Network embodies the value of collaboration and cooperation among the allied health professions and other groups with shared purposes of advocacy, outreach, awareness and consensus building to increase recognition of the value of the allied health workforce. Members of the HPN have been asked to participate on a variety of federal boards and committees, as well as funding agencies and licensure, certification and registration authorities, to provide advice and counsel on building a high-quality workforce. As of September 2005 the HPN participant list represents 192 organizations and agencies, each willing to donate time and resources to move the HPN agenda forward. Although projections of health care workforce shortage are overwhelming, with many issues to be overcome, the HPN is working towards solutions to ensure the continued availability of quality healthcare for all Americas.

Coordinating Council of Clincial Laboratory Workers - The vision of this group is to unite clinical laboratory organizations and other stakeholders on workforce issues.  The group works towards promoting the labroratorian's role ont he healthcare team and developing advocacy.