Hard Tissue

Chair: Sarah Mack

Histology Core Manager
University of Rochester
2390 Isaman Rd.
Wayland, NY 14752
Phone: 585-728-3574


The main objective of the HTC is to help educate and provide information on lab protocols and safety to technicians around the world who have entered the realm of hard tissue histology. The Hard Tissue Committee is primarily comprised of individuals who are involved in the preparation of plastic embedded sections with and without implants. If you would be interested in becoming a member of the Hard Tissue Committee, please complete the sign up form below.

Resources & Publications

Resources created by the committee can be found online in the members only community, The Block, in the NSH Resource Library.  Resources include:


  • Trouble-Shooting and Salvage Techniques for Processing Mineralized Bone & Implants
  • Microtomy Troubleshooting Resource Guide
  • Hard Tissue Technology - The World of Plastics Primer
  • Journal of Histotechnology Citation List for All Things HTC Related 1977 - 2014
  • Sample Processing Schedules for Plastics
  • Processing Bone, Dental & Hard Tissue (Sample Processing Schedules)