Chair: Bonnie Whitaker

Anatomic Pathology Operations Director
The Ohio State University Medical Center, Dept of Pathology

1253 Saling Dr.
Columbus, OH 43229
Phone: 614-293-8418

The NSH sponsored Immunohistochemistry Resource Group (IHCRG) is a special committee for those working in IHC.  We are a network of over 400 from all over the world working in IHC clinical, research, biotech industry, and veterinary sciences.

Resources & Publications
Resources created by the committee can be found online in the members only community, The Block, in the NSH Resource Library.  Resources include:

  • Antibody Database
  • Buffer Cost Analysis
  • Cost Per Slide Assessment
  • Dilution Worksheet
  • ER PR Prognostic Data
  • Example Valiation Report
  • Gantt Validation Chart
  • IHC Buffers
  • Lot Check Form
  • TMA Scoring Templates
  • Universal TMA Controls
  • Validation Data Spreadsheet
  • Archived Webinars