Quality Management

Chair: Kathleen Dwyer, HT(ASCP)

Director, National Quality Assessment
Quest Diagnostics
14275 Midway Rd. Suite 400
Addison, TX 75063


The Quality Management Committee formulates and maintains quality control guidelines which pertain specifically to the histology laboratory.

Resources & Publications
Resources created by the committee can be found online in the members only community, The Block, in the NSH Resource Library.  Resources include:


  • Creating a Quality Process in Histology
  • Pre Microscopic Examination Specimen Handling Guidelines
  • Quality Improvement Guidelines for Anatomic Pathology
  • Competency Standard
  • Tissue Processor Validation Form
  • Process Change Control Form
  • Quality Indicator Form
  • Guidelines for Tissue Processing Programs Validation
  • Guidelines for Equipment Validation
  • Guidelines for Performing a Function Check/Validation for Automated Stainers
  • Validation of Equipment/Instruments: What Does it Mean?
  • Guidelines for Performing a Function Check/Validation for Microtomes
  • A List of URLs for Quality Management Resources