VIR Committee

Chair: David Krull, HT(ASCP), QIHC(ASCP)

St. Scientific Investigator
1250 S. Collegeville Rd
UP12 - 120A
Collegeville, PA 19426

In 1983 the Veterinary, Industry and Research Committee (VIR) committee was established to:
Develop academic curricula for continuing education at seminars, symposia, and workshops.
•    Promote histotechnology in veterinary, marine biology, botanical, and other non-clinical laboratories and to inspire technologists in these areas to actively participate in continuing education programs.
•    Maintain and provide current information concerning laboratory requirements as established by government regulatory agencies, such as OSHA, FDA, EPA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
•    Interact and exchange expertise between other groups involved in continuing education related to the committee's responsibility.

VIR members are technicians and researchers from private industry (chemical, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and auto), government and academic institutions, and contract laboratories involved in research and veterinary diagnostics form the VIR membership. These individuals have duties outside human (clinical) histology such as necropsy, surgery, perfusion techniques, tissue trimming, and anesthetizing and dosing animals. VIR members have adapted procedures for processing, microtomy, and staining to work on non-human specimens. The only prerequisite to becoming a VIR member is to be a member of the NSH in good standing.

Resources & Publications

Resources created by the committee can be found online in the members only community, The Block, in the NSH Resource Library.  Resources include:

  • Antibody Database
  • Fixative Recipe Samples Davidson's & Modified Davidson's
  • General Processing Schedules for Animals
  • Processing Schedules for Bird/Chicken Tissues
  • Processing Schedules for Eyes
  • Processing Schedules for Marine & Reptiles
  • Rat, Mice Squirrel, Whole Organ Tissue Processes
  • Sample Decalcification Samples
  • Archived Webinars
  • Careers in Research Information