3/10/10 -1st Annual Histotechnology Professionals Day Celebrations Taking Place in Laboratories Both Large and Small

Press Release Date: 
10 Mar 2010
Columbia, MD, March 10, 2010 – The first officially-designated Histotechnology Professionals Day has been marked by celebrations in many laboratories both large and small.  
“We all were excited to celebrate the first Histotechnology Professionals Day! Our lab is extremely blessed to have wonderful pathologists as well as administrative staff who are supportive of our work and profession,” says Lesa Towe, member of NSH and Laboratory Manager for a Louisville, KY lab. “The full time tech staff are devoted professionals who excel and give 110% everyday. Also with our part-time staff we have tapped into some of the best histotechnology staff in the city of Louisville.”
The National Society for Histotechnology has sought for years to increase awareness of this science and profession and the professionals within.  In the past decade they have made tremendous advances in this through offering expanded training and educational programs, collaboration and partnerships with other medical organizations, and elevating their own minimum standards of accreditation and certification.  In May of 2009, in an attempt to bring national recognition to this profession, NSH announced the inaugural celebration of Annual Histotechnology Day, to be instituted on March 10, 2010.  This is a culmination of an approximate four year legislative journey to acknowledge these medical professionals and their industry.  With the acknowledgment of this day not only the medical profession but also our nation acknowledges that it is of critical importance that we as a society honor, embrace, and support this industry because of their vital role in health care.
These are small samples of the celebrations taking place on March 10, 2010.
Uniontown, PA - We had a great day here at Uniontown Pathology! I had purchased from you the Histo Tech Day t-shirts, which all of the guys wore today. I brought in donuts for breakfast and we had a special lunch. Gen Lab techs came by throughout the day to say "Hi!" Hope to do a little more next year. Thanks for all your help and hard work.
Tucson, AZ - Andrea Grantham opted to spend the day visiting a local school to talk about her profession. NSH provided posters and career brochures to assist. My talk went well and I think I have some interested parties in that class. I was invited back! Comments ranged from they liked my voice to they liked the show and tell stuff I brought to how interesting the profession was to how they had never heard of any such profession. I took plasticized organs (we have a guy here who makes them) and they loved them and my antique slides and microscope from Dr. McCormick.  I couldn't decide on whether to wear a dress and look professional or wear my T-shirt so I wore the T-shirt and explained the significance of the day when I started out. I took three of my histotechnology students and they answered questions too. I'm going to sponsor some of the students this summer as interns in my lab. Their teacher thinks a couple of them are really interested. Was fun sharing my profession today!
Stonybrook, NY -Today we had a great day!  Thank you to NSH for acknowledging our profession.  Each tech got a small bouquet of yellow and blue flowers.  We posted the logo sign around the lab and our chief pathologist & staff had a luncheon for us.  As the Supervisor I gave all the histotechs in attendance a choice of one of your novelty gifts (lunch bag, blue bags, drink wraps and posters) which was a very economical way to say "thanks." Their job assignment was to tell everyone what NSH stands for and to answer "what is a histotechnologist?" Lastly, for desert we had cupcakes with yellow and blue fondant that had the logo "NSH." Thanks again, we had a great DAY!
El Centro, CA - We are in full swing here!  Opened the lab at 10am and have had 10 visitors.  Blue and gold star balloons are around, incredible gallstone display, information literature on the profession to hand out, announcements overhead on the PA system, staff in t-shirts and waiting for the media to arrive!  It's a great Histotechnology Day here in El Centro, CA! 
The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) was incorporated in 1973, and presently has approximately 4,500 members in 9 Regions and several foreign countries. The majority of our members work in hospital pathology laboratories (clinical), preparing microscopic slides from tissue removed during surgery and autopsy. Their work makes it possible for the pathologist to render a diagnosis. Other members work in Veterinary, Industry or Research facilities (VIR), performing similar functions.