ASCP Welcomes Shift in CAP State Lab Professional Licensure Position

Legislative Update Date: 
1 Jan 2009

ASCP recently received a communication from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) indicating a change in CAP’s position on the state licensure of laboratory personnel. CAP’s new stance outlines criteria that if incorporated into future state licensure bills would result in CAP rescinding its opposition to licensure. CAP’s criteria include a number of detailed bullet points on issues such as scope of practice, the creation of limited specialty licenses, and minimum education requirements for each category.

The shift in position was announced in a letter to ASCP President Barbara J. McKenna MD, FASCP, from CAP President Jared N. Schwartz, MD, PhD, FCAP. Dr. McKenna welcomed the news and responded to Dr. Schwartz in a letter, “Going forward, we look forward to working with you in developing and maintaining high standards for laboratory professionals who are working to ensure patient safety and public health.” ASCP has supported state licensure initiatives since 2005 to ensure that laboratory professionals possess appropriate academic and clinical training, pass competency-based examinations conducted by an approved national certifying organization, and participate in continuing education programs.

ASCP Board of Registry certification is the only certification that has approval in all 13 states that require licensure for laboratory personnel, including most recently New York and California. ASCP continues to work with states considering licensure requirements to develop appropriate laws that best serve patients and the public.

“Patients will benefit if the laboratory community is unified in states where licensure laws are pending. We welcome this announcement from CAP,” said Dr. McKenna.

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