NSH Webinar: The Basics are Critical: Tissue Fixation, Pre-analytical Variability, and Biomarkers

26 Apr 2017
Contact Info: 
NSH: 443-535-4060 or histo@nsh.org

Presented by Jennifer Freeland, BS, HTL (ASCP), Research & Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kalamazoo, MI

Tissue fixation is one of the very first chapters in all the histology text books for a very good reason: it is critical to specimen quality. With the emergence of clinically relevant biomarkers, there is the renewed focus on standardization of fixation and other pre-analytical variables: fixation has again become a central topic. This webinar will explore fixation in a historical sense, explore fixative types and chemistries, and compare results of poorly fixed tissues with well-fixed tissues. We will also consider the impact of fixation and other affiliated pre-analytical variables on modern biomarkers of clinical interest.