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The NSH Career Center Newsletter is a quarterly publication, designed to provide you with industry information to help you grow in your career. The newsletter features resources, advice, and articles for every career stage, whether you're actively job searching, planning your career path, or just struggling with common day-to-day workplace issues. 

Check out some of these great columns and resources, developed for the Career Center Newsletter by NSH's histology community. 


Pam Barker, histology recruiter from Relia Solutions, gives you the inside scoop on all things career, making sure the next time you are job searching, interviewing, or negotiating you have the knowledge you need to "Make the Cut"



Tips for writing, editing, and perfecting your histology resume





General histology career tips, to help you mentor others, explore new roles, and get more out of your current position. Perfect for histologists in every career stage. 






Just out of school and looking for your first histology position? Already in the field but seeking a career change? Check out these tips from histology professionals to help you get started.