Code of Ethics

Preface: Recognizing that the National Society for Histotechnology seeks to encourage, establish, and maintain the highest standards, traditions and principles of our profession, and maintaining membership in good standing in the National Society for Histotechnology, I pledge myself to practice this profession in strict accord with the following code:

1. To conduct my professional life with dignity and integrity.

2. Place the welfare of the patient above all else, with the full realization of personal responsibility for the patient's best interest.

3. Keep inviolate the trust placed in me by patient, physician and professional investigator (veterinarian, scientist, etc.) treating as confidential all information obtained.

4. To conduct my work with integrity, objectivity, and responsibility when engaged in the practice of histotechnology applied to non-clinical research.

5. Accept responsibility for the ethical practices of our fellow members by cooperating with the Society in any efforts of investigation, counsel, or expulsion of violators.

6. Endeavor to promote and support educational and scientific programs which encourage professional growth and advancement of histotechnology professionals.

7. Pledge to uphold, and strive to improve laws and regulations affecting the public's health.