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NSH is an approved provider of continuing education eligible to meet your needs for the Certification Maintenance Program, Florida license continuing education and general employer education requirements.  Click on the links to the left to review different opportunities to earn continuing education credits.


Certification Maintenance Program for HT/HTLs

The Certification Maintenance Program (CMP), administered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), must be completed every three years to maintain certification.  The goal of the program is to demonstrate to the public that laboratory professionals with this designation are performing activities to stay current in their practice.  In order to successfully complete the program, documented activities demonstrating continued competence must be completed at least two months prior to the certificate expiration date.  A Declaration Form, along with the required CMP fee must be submitted to ASCP no sooner than two months prior to the expiration date shown on your certificate for certification renewal. 


The CMP is mandatory for you if you were certified after January 1, 2004.  As an HT or HTL you are required to complete 36 points every 3 years.  The points distribution for HT & HTL certification are as follows:

  • 1 point in safety
  • 2 points in area in which you are certified
  • Remaining points in area of specialty, management, education or other related laboratory areas of interest


Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Professionals Medical Quality Assurance Division

The division develops policies which allow the department to effectively and efficiently regulate medical professionals in order to achieve the department's goal of protecting the health and safety of all citizens and visitors to the state who access health care services. The Division of Medical Quality Assurance serves as a liaison between the public and the professional boards and councils, as well as between the licensees and their respective boards and councils.


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