Governance - Strategic Plan


NSH shapes the future of histotechnology through a global community of laboratory professionals committed to continuous learning and high standards of practice.  


Professionalism, responsibility, respect, integrity, accountability, communication and service will direct our relationship with members and related professionals.   


To empower the profession of histotechnology through collaboration, education and innovation.


The NSH Board of Directors is committed to working together with the NSH staff and members on the goals outlined in the strategic plan. For each strategic goal a number of areas have been identified in which key initiatives will developed and tracked. As the plan is implemented over the year, the initiatives will be expanded and more detailed activities will be completed. A continuous review of each process through established tracking systems will report on the overall effectiveness of each goal and will guide the BOD in making changes.

The NSH Board of Directors is committed to being accountable for the resources entrusted to us. We are here to serve at the direction of the NSH members, to ensure a strong and sustainable future for the National Society for Histotechnology.

2016 Strategic Plan Accomplishments

2.2 Create a resource library to include:  Article reviews, laboratory templates, and relevant survey data; i.e. salary, workload, reporting, and master reference lists.

NSH Launched The Block January 2016

NSH Launched The Image Bank June 2016

NSH Launched Histo Talks:  NSH Podcasts October 2016

1.4 Create, Implement & Provide Online Education

Launched the NSH + LabCE Histology Exam Simulator

3.2 Collaborate & align with key organizations to educate & promote the profession & society 

  • All Board appointed representatives were surveyed for input on the involvement with other organizations on behalf of NSH, and a report was prepared and shared with the Board.
  • Members were provided with information and updates on NSH co-signing a letter from ASCP BOC Challenging CMS's Nursing Equivalency.
  • Updates on the Biological Stain Commission in the Summer issue of NSH in Action.

3.5 Develop and market different levels of individual and institutional membership classifications that meet the diverse needs of different member groups.

  • NSH developed and presented a Membership Development Strategy to the Board of Directors at the September 22 meeting which was approved.  The strategy is based on data gathered over the past year. 
  • NSH will pilot bundled Lab Package memberships in 2017 for launch in 2018


Complete Plan

For the complete NSH Strategic Plan please click on the link below.
Strategic Plan