HistoQIP Specialty Series

The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP) have partnered to offer quality assessment tools similar to the HistoQIP and HistoQIP Biopsy programs. The HistoQIP Specialty Series features three modules. Participating laboratories will:

  • Select the H&E module that best meets their needs
  • The HistoQIP Specialty Series includes modules to improve the preparation of histological slides in all anatomic pathology laboratories involved in handling of gastrointestinal, dermatologic and urogenital tract biopsies. 
  • Submit up to four H&E stained and coverslipped slides (one from each of the four predetermined categories in the selected module), twice per year.  An expert panel of pathologists, histotechnologists, and histotechnicians will receive and evaluate the submitted slides for histologic technique, using uniform grading criteria
  • Receive an evaluation specific to your laboratory and a Participant Summary report

To place your order, call the CAP at 800-323-4040 (or 847-832-7000) option 1 #.