Histotechnology Professionals Day


Every March 10th we honor the unsung heroes…

who help to diagnose problems.


On March 10, 2010, The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) announced the inaugural celebration of an annual Histotechnology Professionals Day; a day dedicated to raising awareness about the field of Histotechnology. Despite the important role of histotechnologists on the healthcare team, the profession is still largely unknown. Histotechnology Professionals Day is designed to change this by educating other allied health professionals, aspiring students, and the general public about the field of Histotechnology, in order to give today’s histologists the recognition their work deserves and promote the future of the profession. 

Making the Most of Histotechnology Professionals Day

Here are a few suggestions for other ways to celebrate Histotechnology Professionals Day. 

 Workplace activities:

  • Provide tours of the histology department inviting other departments or administrators to come for coffee or snacks.
  • Include Histology Professionals Day in communications such as your voicemail greeting and email signature.
  •  Work with the communications department to have a Histotechnology Professionals Day awareness e-mail blitz sent throughout the organization.
  • Work with the IT department to announce and promote Histotechnology Professionals Day on your institution’s website.
  • If your institution is amenable, offer an open house to the public, to raise awareness of the role of Histotechnology, or invite the local media to tour your facility for a first-hand look.


Community activities:

  • Participate in career days at the local high schools and community colleges or volunteer to provide a program to local elementary schools. NSH has a coloring book that would make a great gift for younger students.
  • Ask your employer to sponsor a group of histologists in a community walk, race, or other public event.
  • Organize the local chapter of your Histotechnology society to work on a habitat or other community project.


Media Activities: 

  • Send the local newspaper a press release regarding Histotechnology Professionals Day. If you have events planned, be sure to highlight them- See Page 7 for more information.
  • Create an article for the business section of your local newspaper highlighting histology workforce issues
  • Many local TV and radio stations are required to provide time for Public Service Announcements (PSA), this may be a great opportunity to highlight the local histology group.
  • Invite local radio and television reporters and producers to create segments about the value of Histotechnology – offer to be a resource for segments that might be appropriate for your expertise. 


For more Histotechnology Profressionals Day resources, visit the HPD Celebration Resources tab on the left menu.