HOD Credentialing: How Does it Work?

What Are the Qualifications To Serve As A Delegate?

The individual must be an active member in good standing for one year prior to the date of the House of Delegates meeting. Eligibility of each person submitted will be verified according to the January 31st membership roster, and he/she must renew their membership prior to January 31st.

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How Many Delegates Does Each Area Have?

Constituent Societies: President and one delegate for each 50 NSH members or a portion thereof. This means that if a Constituent Society has 54 NSH members, the Society is entitled to three delegates: President + 2 delegates.

Areas Without Constituent Societies: One delegate for the area. The Region Director is responsible for submitting names. Notify your region director that you are planning on attending the S/C and are interested in serving in the HOD.

Can Alternate Delegate Names Be Submitted?

Yes. The Credentials Committee recommends submitting several alternates for each position in case a delegate is not able to attend.

Constiuent Societies can consider submitting names of all NSH members who plan to attend the NSH Symposium/Convention.

Region Directors and Committee Chairs are asked to submit the name of at least one alternate to represent their respective Region or Committee in the event that they are not able to attend the House session.

: Debra Wood, NSH Credentials Committee Chair, demwood@iupui.edu