HT/HTL Test Prep

Prepare for the ASCP Exam 

As a student member, you have access to a library of resources on The Block, as well as discounted access to the Histology Exam Simulator, an online practice test specifically designed as an exam study tool.

Resources on The Block

The Image Bank: A collection of online slides that serve as a study tool for the ASCP Board of Certification exam. Included in the bank are samples of normal and abnormal tissue to help with tissue identification, as well as slides to aid in fixation, processing, embedding, microtomy, and staining.

Archived Webinars: All of NSH’s previously aired webinars are available to view on-demand to help fill gaps in knowledge on specific topics.

Student Community Resources: NSH’s student members have their own unique community on the Block specifically for students to connect and share resources. In the student community you can find information about signing up for the exam, what documents you will need, as well as information about certification maintenance. 

Exam Simulator

Histology Exam Simulator is an online test prep tool designed as a practice test for the ASCP Board of Certification Exam. Questions are updated on a regular basis so you can be sure you are getting the most up to date information. NSH student members receive a $20 discount on the Exam Simulator.