House of Delegates

House Leadership

Speaker, House of Delegates
Joanna Barton
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Secretary, House of Delegates 

Jennifer Harvey

615-343-0083 / email:


About the House

The House of Delegates determines the policies which govern the Society and can direct the Board of Directors to investigate concerns of the membership. The Speaker and Secretary, officers of the House, are elected by HOD members for a term of two years.

Representation of the general membership includes:
1. Areas with a constituent society - The president, plus one delegate for each fifty NSH members in the area.
2. Areas without a constituent society - One delegate for the area.

Additional members of the House include the Board of Directors and Standing Committee Chairpersons.



Delegates must be NSH members one year prior to being seated and must be current members for the year of proposed service in the House. Delegates and alternates must be credentialed prior to being seated in the House of Delegates. Credentialing takes place during the NSH Symposium/Convention. Click Here for a Delegate Position Description.


Past Minutes

2017 House of Delegates Minutes

2016 House of Delegates Minutes

2015 House of Delegates Minutes


Next House of Delegates Meeting

September 26, 2018, St Louis, MO