Make the Cut- Tips From a Histology Recruiter

Check out these articles from Pam Barker's NSH Career Newsletter column, Make the Cut

January 2018-Tips for Entry Level Histologists

Check out Pam's advice on building your starter resume, job hunting for the first time, networking, and most importantly, taking control of your job search!

October 2017-Interview Tips for Histologists

Interviewing can be stressful, but it is an extremely important part of landing your dream job. Check out these interview tips to help you learn how to stay calm and collected during your next big interview.

July 2017- Salary Negotiations...The Dance Begins

Salary negotiation is a sensitive topic for both the employer and the job seeker. For example, say the pay range for a given position is $20-30 per hour. Most job seekers are hearing the job pays $30 per hour and the employer is thinking we are paying $20 per hour. So the dance begins.

How do you, as a job seeker, handle the question: So what are your salary expectations? It is not as tricky as you would think. Here is some simple straightforward advice to help you get a great offer. 

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