NSH Webinar: A Minimally Invasive Method (Liquid Biopsy) Enabling Detection of Circulating Cells Using Cell Enrichment and Advanced Staining

28 Jun 2017
Contact Info: 
NSH: 443-535-4060 or histo@nsh.org

Presented by Douglas Yamanishi, PhD, Senior Marketing Manager, Advanced Staining, Sakura Finetek USA, Inc., Advanced Staining, Torrance, CA 

This webinar will present an overview for utilizing whole blood as a “liquid biopsy”. Liquid biopsies may provide a means of monitoring the status of a cellular or tissue-based event (e.g. cancer or pregnancy) using a minimally invasive needle stick for specimen acquisition. The feasibility of using different cell enrichment (positive and negative) and cell identification (advanced staining) technologies will be presented.