New York State Licensure Update

Legislative Update Date: 
30 Jan 2010
Within the past few weeks, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) approved a contract with ASCP Board of Certification to administer the NYS histology licensing exam. During the five year period of the contract, applicants for licensure as a certified histological technician will use the same examination as is used by ASCP for certification purposes. The ASCP certification exam grade can be submitted to the NYSED directly from the ASCP. Based on your grade and assuming all educational requirements for licensure have been fulfilled, the State will issue the applicant their license. In essence, they are accepting the ASCP Board of Certification as the exam for NYS licensing. The down side to this is that two separate fees will be incurred for new applicants and for those that have a limited permit that have not yet taken the exam. A fee will be paid to the ASCP for the certification exam and also a separate fee to NYS to utilize this exam for state licensure. If you have already applied and are working under a limited permit, the NYSED has already received a number of score reports from the ASCP for applicants that have taken the exam after September 1, 2001 and who currently hold a limited permit. The NYSED will be processing the applications for licensure and sending applicants their permanent license. If you have a limited permit and have not yet taken the exam, you will need to do so before your one year limited permit expires. If your limited permit has recently been renewed you will have year from the renewal date to take the exam.
In addition, there are many individuals who currently practice as histological technicians or technologists but who were originally licensed as certified clinical laboratory technicians and technologists. These individuals may also be licensed as certified histological technicians, carrying 2 separate licenses and will have to pay 2 license maintenance fees. For some individuals, the registration period for the license as a certified clinical laboratory technician/technologist may now be expiring. These individuals have the choice of re-registering as a certified clinical laboratory technician/technologist or placing that registration in an "inactive status," (they must inform NYSED if that is their intention) and continue to work under their certified histological technician license. For those individuals that have clinical laboratory technician/technologist license and wonder if they should apply for the histology license: it is neither necessary nor required because histology is included in the scope of practice for clinical laboratory technician/technologist. Once obtained, both the “clinical laboratory” and “certified histological” licenses are for life unless revoked for disciplinary action. Please remember, individuals may only practice in the areas authorized under the scope of practice for the profession in which they are licensed and registered.
We expect that formal procedures will be placed on the NYS Office of Professions website shortly so please check the site regularly:
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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