NSH’s Announcement of Annual Histotechnology Day to Promote Profession

Press Release Date: 
8 May 2009

The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) announced the inaugural celebration of Annual Histotechnology Day on March 10, 2010. Histotechnology Day is being organized in order to aid in the public’s awareness of the discipline. Most would agree that the field is not well known among lay people. The society has been working to educate young people about histotechnology as a career option with the annual Career Day program. Histotechnology Day is another opportunity to increase public awareness and will also bring awareness to practitioners of other disciplines in healthcare.

Histotechnologists and histotechnicians combine technical skills with scientific knowledge to perform a variety of tissue-related procedures in various laboratories. These lab professionals prepare and stain tissue to identify bacteria, fungus, cancer, tissue structure abnormalities, enzymes, antigens or DNA for diagnosis by pathologists.

"Even though the patient doesn't know us, what's most important is that we do our absolute best for them, because we are affecting lives," says Vinnie Della Speranza, manager for anatomic pathology services at the Medical University of South Carolina and Immediate Past President for NSH. "It sounds dramatic, but there's absolutely no question about it -- a compromised tissue sample can lead to a missed diagnosis."

For histology professionals who seek out the education, training and certification, a world of opportunity awaits them. Histology professionals work not only in hospitals, but also in research labs, veterinary medicine labs, pharmaceutical labs and product development companies.

Like all medical professionals, the challenge in histology is too much work and too little time. But histotechnologists say the rewards of helping to find a diagnosis outweigh the pressure of knowing that someone's life may lie in their hands.

It is the intention that this day will be spent honoring the unsung heroes, who help to diagnose problems. A t-shirt contest has been announced enticing interested individuals to submit logo designs and slogans. A toolkit is in development for organizations, employers and individuals to assist in celebrations and programs.

The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) was incorporated in 1973, and presently has approximately 4,500 members in 9 Regions and several foreign countries. The majority of our members work in hospital pathology laboratories (clinical), preparing microscopic slides from tissue removed during surgery and autopsy. Their work makes it possible for the pathologist to render a diagnosis. Other members work in Veterinary, Industry or Research facilities (VIR), performing similar functions.


Celebrations - Histotechnology Professionals Day honors histology professionalsand recognizes the contributions they make to healthcare and everyday life. Histotechnology Professionals Day is a time to strengthen support and respect for Histology Professionals.

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 Career Tours - This resource was designed to be used in conjunction with an educational event outside of the lab. There is useful information for those of you conducting tours. Please feel free to use as needed. The Role of the Histotechnology Professional powerpoint provided here is an overview of the profession and can be edited to fit individual roles within the profession.

Contest - NSH is sponsoring a contest for those laboratories participating in Histotechnology Professionals Day. We are looking to hear how you chose to celebrate the day. Please use this form for submissions or a short outline or description of events accompanied by photos can be sent to carrie@nsh.org. A lab will be chosen to receive a complimentary  2011 Teleconference series, a $1500 value.

Press contact: For more information please contact Carrie Diamond, histo@nsh.org