NSH Health & Safety Committee Releases Updated Resources for Members

The mission of the NSH Health & Safety Committee is to provide current information in various aspects of the laboratory to include physical, chemical and biological hazards.  The committee promotes safe working environments by distributing information on engineering controls, work practices and PPE.   This month the committee has provided updated versions to the Carcinogens, Chemical Hygiene Plan, Chemical Storage, Ergonomics, Neutralization of Acids & Bases, Formaldehyde Plan Checklist Simple, Fire  Safety Checklist, Biosafety Levels, Bloodborne Pathogen Program Checklist, Glove Selection Guidelines, Suggested NFPA Codes for Histological Chemicals, Guide to Particulate Respirators, Workplace PPA Checklist, Histology Laboratory Safety Audit, Select Agent and Toxin List, Target Organ Poster & Worksheet, Globally Harmonized System.  Visit The Block to access the updated documents.