NSH Today

In 1973, a group of dedicated histology practitioners from around the country came together to form the National Society for Histotechnology. They undertook this effort out of the realization that advancement of the discipline rested on the ability of its practitioners to share scientific and technical knowledge among the worldwide histology community. Prior to this, histology professionals practiced largely in isolation with few opportunities to come together to share and learn. There were no publications specifically directed to this audience at the time. Workshops sponsored by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology provided the stimulus that led these individuals to meet and collaborate toward this common goal.  The society’s founders could never have imagined the progress that would be achieved from the passion and energies of so many in such a short time.  

Today NSH  is over four thousand members strong representing histology professionals from around the globe. It hosts a highly successful, annual Symposium/Convention that draws 1500 attendees from virtually every continent and it publishes a quarterly, world class journal, the Journal of Histotechnology.  In addition NSH is home to Resource Committees for histotechnologists practicing in specific areas of the science and is the number one source of quality continuing education for histotechnologists. In addition to NSH Meetings we also maintain an Online Learning Center, and serve as contact hour provider for affiliate and organization partners in the histology community.