Policies For Using the NSH Name or Logos

There are two ways an NSH Region or Constituent Society can use the NSH Name or official logos.

1. If your program has been approved for NSH Contact Hours, you may use the NSH Name or Logo to advertise that fact. For example you may include the following:

All educational sessions have been approved for NSH Contact Hours.
This does not require permission or a special request to the NSH office.

If a Constituent Society or NSH Region would like to include NSH's name or Logo on their convention materials for marketing purposes they must take the following steps:

A. Notify the NSH Meeting Manager of your plans and provide copies of any published material for approval
B. Purchase Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and list NSH as an additional insured. A copy of the insurance certificate must reside in the NSH office.

Each state has different requirements or regulations regarding Comprehensive Liability Insurance therefore we recommend you contact your local insurance representative. The policy or coverage limits you choose will depend on your Society’s need however NSH requires the following minimum coverage limits:

1 Million Dollar ($1,000,000.00) coverage per occurrence
2 Million Dollar ($2,000,000.00) aggregate

Using the NSH Logo or Seal on Marketing Materials

When using NSH’s logo or Seal please consider the following rules:

1. The color on the logo or seal may not be changed or altered. You may use a black and white version.
2. The official PMS colors for NSH are: PMS 2748U (Blue) and PMS 129U(Gold)
3. Please do not copy the logo or seal from our website. Email Aubrey Wanner, aubrey@nsh.org and we will be happy to email it to you. NSH has various versions of the logo for print purposes – EPS, TIF, GIF etc and we will be happy to send you the logo you need.

NSH Corporate Seal

NSH Official Logo

If you have any questions please contact NSH Meeting Manager, Aubrey Wanner at 443-535-4065 or via email aubrey@nsh.org