Polysciences Ann Preece Award

Sponsored by Polysciences

This award will be given to an individual who excels, promotes, and educates in the discipline of calcified/decalcified bone, other materials such as stents in vascular research or bioengineered constructs.Ann Preece picture

Ann Preece is known throughout the histology community for her dedication to and her willingness to share her knowledge of hard tissue histology.  Many of us have read and referred to her book A Manual for Histological Technicians.  This award is dedicated to her and her passion for the many disciplines of hard tissue.

Ann Preece passed on April 26, 2003 leaving behind a legacy of leadership, knowledge and humor. 


Recognized at the annual NSH Award Banquet, $1,000 monetary award

Criteria/Applicant Requirements

  • Recipient must be an NSH member for a minimum of 5 consecutive years.
  • Recipient must be nominated by another person using the nomination form (download here).
  • Must have a minimum of two letters of recommendation that highlights the individual’s dedication to technical excellence of hard tissue techniques.
  • Certification highly preferred.
  • CV/Resume strongly encouraged
  • Only complete application packages received by the closing date will be considered.
Anyone who has recieved the Polysciences Ann Preece Award within the last 5 years is ineligible for this award. 

Past Recipients