Professional Scholarships

Professional scholarships are made available to individuals pursuing education and knowledge within the profession of histotechnology.  

NSH offers several scholarships, including the Avantik Educational Scholarship and the Thermo Fisher Scientific Educational Scholarship.  It also offers the:

The Dezna C. Sheehan Memorial Education Scholarship, Sponsored by Roche Diagnostics

Dezna C. Sheehan dedicated 52 years to the field of histotechnology.  As a charter member, she served in any role that she could to help the profession and the organization.  She was committed to students, so much so that she held evening classes for those seeking additional training.  Dezna was the recipient of numerous awards, including Histotechnologist of the Year & Histotechnologist of the Decade.  Dezna passed on June 20, 1983 leaving a legacy of service and commitment to education.

The Leonard Noble Educational Scholarship, Sponsored by Roche Diagnostics

Leonard Noble was committed to sharing knowledge with the histotechnology community, and with his fellow NSH members.  He served as a state society President and Vice-President, was an NSH Awards Chair, and Vice President of NSH. His passion for histology procedure was evident by everyone that knew him.  Leonard Noble passed away on February 3, 1993 while grading HT/HTL practical slides.

The Robert A. Clark Educational Scholarship, sponsored by Sakura Finetek, USA

Robert A. Clark was a leader in the scientific instrument industry.  In late 80's he helped Sakura Finetek USA expand its small, three employee office in Torrence California by organizing a highly successful sales force.  He rose to Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Sadly, his life was cut short when he was stricken with a terminal illness.  He died on December 24, 1994.



$1,000 scholarship (distributed on a reimbursement basis); acknowledgement at the NSH annual awards banquet.

Criteria/Applicant Requirements:

  • Must be an NSH Member.
  • May be nominated or can self-nominate, but must use the application form provided (download here).
  • Must have at least one letter of recommendation on the candidate’s behalf.
  • CV/Resume required. 
  • Only complete application packages received by the closing date will be considered.

** Applicants are considered for all professional scholarships when applying.

Anyone who has recieved a Professional Scholarship within the last 2 years is ineligible for these scholarships. 


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