Student Membership

Who are NSH Student Members?

NSH’s student community is made up of histology students from NAACL’s approved programs across the country. Student membership grants you access to a library of online resources, test prep, scholarships, as well as a network of peers that you can connect with online through NSH’s student forum on The Block.

NSH student membership is designed to introduce aspiring histologists like you, to your profession, providing you with opportunities you need to grow in your new career field. Student membership paves the way for involvement in NSH’s professional community post-graduation, so you can continue to receive the education and resources you need as you take the next steps in your career.

Benefits of Student Membership

How to Become a Member

NSH student membership is available for one or two years, depending on your specific program needs. One-year memberships are $40, while 2-year memberships are $80. Student membership must be verified by your program director, and therefore must be obtained by sending in a completed application form.  

Click here to download a PDF student membership application.