Career Path Insights

How Do I Become a Histotechnologist?
All histotechnicians have certain common characteristics.  They are problem solvers.  They like challenge and responsibility.  They are accurate, reliable, work well under pressure and are able to finish a task once started.  They communicate well, both in writing and speaking.  They set high standards for themselves and expect quality in the work they do.  But, above all, they are deeply committed to their profession, and are truly fascinated by all that science has to offer.  For someone who chooses a career in the histology laboratory, the exploration never ends.  Click here for more information on education and certification.

Histologists, Professionals Within the Allied Health Sciences
In the September 2011 Issue of the Journal of Histotechnology you will find an invited guest editorial from the NSH Board of Directors. Dr. Burg, Editor of the JOH, introduces the position of NSH and the Board of Directors related to the profession of Histotechnology and the intregal part of patient health care and translational research practitioners provide. Click here to access PDF versions of the editorials

From Bench Tech To Supervisor
Are you ready to exchange your lab coat for a business suit? Many histotechologists have learned management skills on the job when they were promoted to a supervisory position by default. There is no time like the present to begin preparing yourself. The task will be much less daunting when a golden opportunity presents itself. Professional and personal preparations are essential. When a position becomes available and you will be ready to take the challenge and move to the next level; from bench tech to management.  Click here for full article

Transitioning From Clinical to Research
Good candidates for research positions are techs who possess a solid, thorough knowledge of histological techniques used in the clinical lab, pay close attention to detail, are interested in continuing education opportunities, and really like facing challenges. While these same traits make for highly confident and competent clinical histology techs, they provide merely a solid starting place for research histology techs. One thing I have heard from many research histology techs (which I agree with) is “you learn something new every day.” Be prepared to feel like you are starting all over. Be prepared to feel like you just don’t know enough. Be prepared to get paid to think.  Click here to read full article

Transitioning Into Industry
Have you ever consider leaving the laboratory for a career in industry? Have you ever thought about changing your focus in the field of histotechnology? Whether you choose sales or technical support, it is quite different than working in the laboratory on a daily basis.  Click here to read full article