Writing Partnership Program

The Journal of Histotechnology Writing Partnership Program (WPP) was established to assist individuals in the process of writing a manuscript for the Journal.  Often, individuals writing their first manuscript on histotechnology relating new methods, modifications, or technical hints need guidance through the publishing process.  Writing Partners will help these individuals with manuscript composition using the JOH “information for authors” guidelines. 

Writing Partners are skilled in scientific writing and have previously published in JOH.  Writing Partners value diplomacy, confidentiality, privacy, patience, and constructive criticism, while providing examples and encouraging the author to write in his or her unique style.  The WPP editorial processes may all be accomplished via e-mail communication.

If you wish to work with a Writing Partner to complete your manuscript please contact Gayle Callis, Assistant Editor of the Journal of Histotechnology (gayle.callis@bresnan.net or 406-570-5978).