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Volume 37 - 2014  (answer keys posted as tests expire)

ISSUE DATE:    March 2014
ARTICLE: Fixative properties of honey in comparison with formalin

ISSUE DATE:     June 2014
ARTICLE: HIS 60  the accuracy of determination of S100 protein 

ISSUE DATE: September 2014
ARTICLE: Optimizing tissue microarray construction procedure to improve quality of sections

ISSUE DATE: December 2014
ARTICLE: Processing cellular spheroids for histological examination

Volume 38 - 2015

ISSUE DATE: March 2015
ARTICLE: Multispectral imaging as a tool for Melanin Detection

ISSUE DATE: June 2015
ARTICLE: Expression of α-Smooth Muscle Actin as special and morphometric assessment in the small intestine during the postnatal development in hamster

ISSUE DATE: December 2015
ARTICLE: A novel rabbit monoclonal antibody arginase-1 is highly specific and highly sensitive in hepatocellular carcinoma

Volume 39 - 2016

ISSUE DATE: March 2016
ARTICLE: Osmium tetroxide post-fixation and periodic acid-Schiff dual-staining technique to demonstrate intracellular lipid and glycogen in the mouse liver section – a novel method for co-visualization of intracellular contents in paraffin embedded tissue

ISSUE DATE: June 2016
ARTICLE: A modified silver methenamine Masson trichrome stain using methyl green for staining of renal biopsies

ISSUE DATE: September 2016
ARTICLE: Prevalence of amyloid and positive Congo red frequency among routine surgical specimens

Volume 40 - 2017

ISSUE DATE: March 2017
ARTICLE: Hematoxylin and eosin staining of mucins of the gastrointestinal tract

ISSUE DATE: June 2017
ARTICLE: Looks like fungi but it isn’t – Identifying Pseudo-fungi

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