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Region Director: Clare Thornton

Director 2015 Annual Report 

To begin my first year as Region I Director, I attended all of the Board of Directors meetings at the 2014 NSH Annual Symposium in Austin, TX.  I also attended the First Time Attendees reception, the Region I meeting, the keynote lecture and Culling Memorial lecture, and the HOD.  I have been present at all the NSH BOD teleconferences, minus one (due to work obligations).  I have submitted updates to NSH In Action.  I attended the Region I annual meeting held in July 2015 in Manchester, NH.  In preparation for this meeting, I assisted the VT/NH Society for Histotechnology by organizing the vendor exhibit.  At the meeting, I moderated several workshops and also spoke at lunch (to make announcements and to give away prizes).  I was available at the registration desk for anyone with any questions about NSH and Region I.  All state societies in Region I are functional.

On-going, I am attending the 2015 NSH Annual Symposium in Washington DC, where I will be present and active at all the BOD meetings.  I will keep the state presidents in my region informed of changes, educational, and scholarship opportunities being provided by NSH.  I am the NSH liaison for the IHC Committee.  I will also continue to remind and encourage the members in my region to keep active their NSH membership.

In the next year as Region I Director, my goals are to increase NSH membership within Region I.  I will be present and active at all BOD teleconferences and meetings.  I will also assist the ME and VT/NH state societies in considering joining the societies to make a tri-state society.