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Region Director: Jean Mitchell

Director's 2015 Annual Report 

Summary of Activities:  

In August 2014 I attended the NSH 40th Annual Symposium/Convention in Austin, Texas where I attended and actively participated in:

Region Directors/Presidents Meeting

  • 1st Time Attendees Reception
  • Board of Directors (BOD) Strategic Planning Meeting and Strategic Planning Task Force Meeting
  • Region IV Membership Meeting
  • BOD Meeting
  • General Membership Meeting
  • Hosting a Region IV Presidents lunch
  • House of Delegates (HOD); sworn in for my 2nd term as Region IV Director.
  • Post HOD BOD Meeting.


On-Going Activities & Projects:

Through the end of 2014 and into 2015 as Region IV Director I have:

  • Corresponded with all Region IV state presidents on a regular basis and submitted reports for publication in their state newsletters and/or state websites.
  • Attended spring 2015 state symposiums for Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois and womanned the NSH display booths and sold NSH related merchandise in each of those five states.
  • Offered my services and gave educational presentations at the Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois spring 2015 state symposiums.
  • Promoted NSH membership benefits including; educational opportunities, awards and scholarships and professional advancement.
  • Been available for and contributed during all scheduled NSH Board of Directors teleconferences.
  • Submitted quarterly reports for publication in NSH In Action.
  • Maintained my position as NSH alternate representative to the Joint Commission’s Laboratory Professional and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC).
  • Maintained my position as a member of the NSH Strategic Planning Task Force.


As I begin/continue my 2nd term as Region IV Director, I am excited for the next two years and embrace the experience that my 1st term granted me.  There has been continued great communication and feedback from each of the Region IV state presidents and all the states members and I appreciate that I have been able to attend five of the six Region IV states 2015 spring symposiums.  The role of Region IV Director continues to be an active challenge to me in addressing a variety of needs, working to maintain a strong presence on the NSH Board of Directors and be the best representative for Region IV that I can be.  My continued goals are to: 

  • Maintain good communication with each of the Region IV State Presidents and their state membership.
  • Maintain an approachable presence and availability within Region IV as their NSH representative.
  • Assist each Region IV state with their NSH membership needs.
  • Support each Region IV state in any way possible and provide input/assistance as requested.
  • Maintain a strong presence on the NSH Board of Directors with valued and constructive input in my 2nd term as Region IV Director.

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