Region VII


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Region Director: Jane Parr

Director's 2015


Top 3 Significant Committee Successes

Committee Success Factors That Supported Success

Frequent communication with Region VII Presidents

Contact via email regarding meetings, newsletters monthly.

Have attended CSH meeting and will be attending ASH meeting on 7/25/2015

NSH funding will help get me to AZ.  Eager to meet folks there.  Enjoyed sharing NSH with CO members.


Other Notable Successes

Committee Success Factors That Supported Success

Attendance at all TC’s.  Voice my thoughts and welcome other’s.

Updates of NSH help with communication to Region. 

Hoping to get Utah’s state society back in gear; speaking with folks from there. 

Welcoming knowledge from NSH to help get this going.


Committee Shortcomings and Solutions

Committee Shortcoming Recommended Solutions

Clear and frequent communication on NSH issues.

It feels this is improving as far as frequent communication with NSH issues.  Maintaining Board Member control over certain issues would be appreciated. 

I’m a liaison for the Convention and Public Relations Committee

I have not received communication from either of these committees.