Leadership - Representatives

Biological Stain Commission (BSC)
Donna Harclerode, HT/HTL(ASCP)QIHC

The objectives of the Biological Stain Commission are: 1) to insure uninterrupted supply of dyes used in biological and medical applications, 2) to promote cooperation and dialogue among manufacturers, vendors and users of dyes for histochemical applications, 3) to insure the quality of dyes through independent testing according to appropriately rigorous chemical and performance criteria, 4) to educate users of biological stains about sources of reliable dyes and how they might best be used, and 5) to publish information concerning new or improved uses for biological dyes and related histochemical techniques.

Coordinating Council of Clinical Laboratory Workforce (CCCLW)
Jan Gardner

The vision of the CCCLW is to unite clinical laboratory organizations and other stakeholders on workforce issues.

Current Happenings: Visit the CCCLW website www.ccclw.org for a complete listing of updates.

Updated February 2013

The Coordinating Council on the Clinical Laboratory Workforce (CCCLW) meeting was held in Chicago on September 10th. CCCLW is a broad-based organization, with members representing a wide range of medical and public health laboratory professionals and educators, plus industry, accreditation, certification and governmental agencies, to develop strategies to address the workforce shortage. This group represents a coalition of organizations that share an interest in working together to ensure a high-quality clinical Laboratory workforce. There was a review of CCCLW's strategic plan and in particular, the CCCLW's priorities and goals and how to best achieve these goals.

Health Professionals Network (HPN)
Jerry Santiago and Jenny Bull

The Health Professions Network is a unification of professionals, representing diverse aspects of allied health including primarily provider organizations, but also educators, accreditors and administrators. The group works together in a cooperative and interactive manner on issues relevant to health care.

Current Happenings:
HPN lists "Whats New" on their homepage at https://hpnonline.org/

The Spring meeting of the Health Professionals Network will take place April 5-7 in Dubuque, Iowa. The sessions will be focused on advocacy-how we can work together to provide a voice for the under-represented majority of the health workforce. 

Lena Spencer

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) is a separate certifying body within the organizational structure of the American Society for Clinical Pathology, Inc. (ASCP). Since 1928, BOR has been widely recognized as the preeminent leader in the certification of medical laboratory professionals. Today, BOC offers a formal certification process that requires education, clinical training and experience, and successful completion of the certification examination for Technicians, Technologists, Specialists, and Diplomates in Laboratory Management.

Click here for more information about the BOC. 

National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS)
Mark Bailey

The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) is an independent nonprofit accrediting agency ensuring the quality and integrity of educational programs that prepare professionals to work in the laboratory. Through its voluntary accrediting and approval processes, it contributes to the improvement of the public’s health.

Current Happenings: NACCLS posts current news and announcements on its website at http://www.naacls.org/news/